Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OK, Let's Talk Issues

If you are still undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, let me try to help out in terms of issues.

If you are pro-choice you should favor Obama/Biden; if you are anti-choice you should favor McCain/Palin. This is a HUGE issue this time around because the right has been successfully loading the Supreme Court with right wing judges. A vote for the Obama ticket will probably cause at least one of the SCOTUS judges to step down (Stevens) and be replaced with a like-minded liberal-leaning judge. A vote for the McCain ticket may allow McCain to replace a liberal judge with a conservative one (Stevens would have to die, doubt he'd step down if McCain wins)... and that puts the future of Roe v. Wade in doubt.

If you are concerned about Social Security existing in a form similar to the way it has existed since its inception, then you should favor Obama. If not, McCain has clearly communicated his dislike of Social Security.

If you are interested in some form of universal health care you should favor Obama. He has a plan that could be implemented in short order if the country is behind it (which most polls show it is). If not, you should favor McCain. He has no plan for universal health care.

If you are in favor of continuing our occupation of Iraq, you should favor McCain. He has publicly stated his willingness for our service men and women to remain there almost indefinitely. If you are interested in ending the occupation, you should favor Obama.

If you think war is solution to the global issues we are facing, you should strongly consider McCain. If not, you should strongly consider Obama.

And if you are in favor of providing for our brave service men and women after they come home and need some help, then you should favor Obama. If not, then McCain is your man.

If you are not concerned about the economy and think things are going along nice, you should favor McCain. If you think changes are needed, you should favor Obama.

Indeed, if you are a fan of the George W Bush years, you should favor McCain. He has voted almost in lock-step with the Bush administration over the past 8 years. If you think we need a dramatic change from the Bush administration, you should favor Obama.

If you favor a religious view of political issues, well, both seem to favor that more than I would like. The addition of Palin to the McCain ticket tips the god-scale in his favor. If pentecostal religious fervor frightens you, favor Obama.

If you want a diverse group of people running the country, both candidates have indicated that they will build a staff of people who are not yes-men and would probably look to offer positions to people from both parties. Personally, I do not trust the Republicans to do that. After all, the last guy ran as a "uniter not a divider" and promised "compassionate conservatism" - both of which were lies.

Speaking of lies, if you are interested in having liars running the country, favor McCain.



How about the continuing occupation of Afghanistan?

Ceroill said...

Hey, here's something that occurred to me some time back, and I kept meaning to bring it up here...nothing to do with the election per se, so forgive my meandering from the central topic, please.

Simply put: Why aren't we told anything about the Electors? It seems to me that someone you are essentially entrusting with your proxy vote in case of weirdness, you ought to know at least as much about them as about any candidate for office.

Thoughts? Do I need to elucidate more?

coreydbarbarian said...

but csm, this election will be decided on personality - it's the american way. why would you want to discuss issues at an important time like this? next thing ya know, you'll be saying that truth matters and lying is bad. don't confuse things! this should be just as easy as american idol, or america's got talent, or...

bawdy, sometimes i think you just don't want to catch bin laden or stop al qaeda. how can we do that if we're not located near the afghan/packistan border?

bob, i'm thinking maybe they're worried about mass assassinations of the electors. keep 'em anonymous, (not you, mouse), and no worries. of course, this is just my bs answer. maybe they want the electors (sounds like a team of superheros) to steer clear of influence-peddlers and persuasive persons. just a guess.

and..have you guy's seen this?

coreydbarbarian said...

sorry folks, but sometimes these clips are too funny not to share.
da cross story

Ceroill said...

corey, hmm. Good guess, I'm guessing.

Anony Mouse said...

The #1 issue should be the candidate with the ability of lead and make decisions. Sorry, but McCain has shown that ability and NoBama just speaks about it. Of course you will have Americans who vote for a black candidate or the female candidate but what can you do.

Issues like abortion and economy are really silly arguments here. The congress will be Dem so this notion McCain can push his judges through is inaccurate. Then to make an assumption anything challenging Roe vs. Wade will arise is another stretch.
The economy is under the control of the president is a misnomer as well. He has some control but very little. Look to the congress but even then they are limited. Economies are structured to fluctuate. Instead of government interference we should let the economy and markets correct themselves. Just become better stewards of the resources and stay out of the way

Now that Biden has admitted he in not as qualified as Clinton, any chance Hillary replaces Biden. NoBama had to know he was a risk and that he is good friends with McCain.

coreydbarbarian said...

csm, you'd better hunker down or evacuate or sumthin..ike's a coming! seriously though, stay safe and try to keep you head above water. either that, or buy a box of flexi-straws.. ;)

mouse, we clearly differ on what's important in terms of issues. i won't get into that, though. just wanted to comment on your desperate attempts to spin biden's compliment to hilary in a divisive way- tres pathetic, my rodent friend.


Some catching up...


I have posted for literally years after Tora Bora we should have left Afghanistan(in all actuality we didn't have many troops in Afghanistan at the time besides some Special Ops and air cover, proxies like the Northern Alliance were doing our dirty work)and fought the war covertly. If we had done this we would have sidestepped Iraq, spent less untold tax dollars and lost less soldiers through death and casualty, kept our deniability and reputation worldwide, very likely inspired fewer future jihadists, been able to deal with our other national interests AND patiently worked our way into the Al Qaeda organization and rotted it from within.

Now are you telling me we should be the bull in a china shop with military battalions scouring the desolate badlands between Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for a needle in a haystack with Pakistan about fed up with our incursions on their sovereign territory, fighting in spite of the jihadist filled Pakistani intelligence agencies sympathetic to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, fighting a Pakistani population tired of hearing of more innocent Pakistani civilian lives extinguished by our hand, the needle(Osama) nestled into tribal lands willing to keep their charge undercover for however long is necessary? Does that sound like the forte of our armed forces who have shown they are not a perfect fit for insurgencies in civilian filled areas?

One other point, I have read it might be better for the anti-jihadist world to just let Osama rot where he is, i.e. ineffectual, rather than to capture or kill him because he would then be a martyr to his cause.


Nice to see someone else linking economic success to something other than the President of the United States.

As for the Cross video, thanks corey, the only thing worse than listening to a doddering old fool and his cross story told for the umpteenth time is a fresh-faced(i.e. unqualified, but admittedly hot, IMO) Vice Presidential candidate confirming to the Islamic World that the Christian God and his minions are on the march to "put things right".

This sight is called "The Serenity of Reason". What makes "Reason" so valued is it's scarcity. For that we can blame "God".

csm said...

Kudos on that last sentence Bawdy! Best thing I've seen typed here in awhile (not to diminish other's contributions, just saying I truly enjoyed this statement).

And yes, Ike, is a comin' my way. Not predicted for a head-on hit, but just south (meaning we'll be on the "dirty" side of the storm). Could be nasty...

Re: your leadership comment, mouse: you are wrong (surprise!). What leadership has McCain shown? And I'm not interested in following a "leader" who is wrong, like McSame!


I dunno, I kinda like this from Sept. 5...

"The federal government and it's leaders, elected and not, make sense only through the lens of self importance and sifted through the strainer of a pickpocket's brain."

...especially when thinking on the brewing Dept. of Interior scandal, the FAA and Southwest Airline scandal, the FBI's admitted abuses of the dastardly Patriot Act and topped off with the words of McCain AND Obama about service to this country. But that is just my humble opinion.

Anony Mouse said...

CSM wish you well with the storm but I believe you are already in one. Here is a bigger surprise for you, All leaders are wrong on occasion. McCain has a very long history of leadership and independence. Real leaders take responsibility when they are wrong. And then some have never been wrong because they have never made a decision.

Then last point here is this. I can't be wrong about an opinion which makes you wrong again.

I don't really believe Biden is stepping down but I think he is setting Hillary up for 2012.

csm said...

McCain has a very long history of saying one thing and doing another. That is not leadership, it is lying. McCain has a very long history of anger and lashing out, that is not leadership, it is a temperment ill-suite for leadership. McCain has a very long history of petulantly doing whatever the hell he pleases, consequences be damned, that is not leadership, it is childishness. McCain is no leader.

And here is a little something for the right winger who keep on trying link Obama with unsavory people... what about your boy?

coreydbarbarian said...

hey bob!
check out this site for electoral college info. i learned a few things..

Anony Mouse said...

McCain is not stupid. C'mon now it is Ann Hathaway. Sounds like a very bright man to me. I have seen nothing on this two year old story so I doubt there is anything there. Not a good idea for McCain to be there but hardly indicates a relationship.

Here is the difference between us csm. I have never defended everything McCain has done. I only seem him as clearly the best candidate when compared to NoBama who has his own share of shady relationships. I also don't refer to him as "boy" in such a racist manner.

Then you did admit you are not interested in fair which imo is a slap in the face of reason. So much for claiming one thing and doing another. Stay safe.

Ceroill said...

Thanks, Corey!


I had an interesting thought on the Electoral College. In this world of instant news, what would happen if some story broke AFTER the general election but BEFORE Dec. 15th which would make the winning candidate obviously not suitable by ANYONE'S standards to take office? How would the Electors handle this?

csm said...

Interesting question Bawdy. Say Obama wins and something surfaces. There would be four choices, I think. Vote for Obama anyway, vote for Biden instead, vote for Hillary Clinton instead, or vote for McCain instead.

Say McCain wins. Same choices. Except replace Biden with Palin (yuk), Clinton with Romney (?), and McCain with Obama.

It would be fun to watch the talking heads on Fox News meltdown if something like this did happen. My favorite would be something not on the list above - McCain wins, news gets out, and the electors vote Hillary Clinton in. That'd be fun!