Monday, December 15, 2008

Caroline Kennedy? There's Gotta Be Someone More Qualified

Caroline Kennedy has voiced her desire to be named to succeed Hillary Clinton as the junior Senator from New York after Hillary is confirmed as Obama's Secretary of State. I don't see it happening... Yes, I know that there may be sentiment for Teddy Kennedy to turn his Senate desk over to someone in the family... he sits in his brother's (JFK's) desk in the back of the Senate.

But that is no way to choose a replacement Senator. Kennedy's only "qualification" is having the last name of Kennedy. I guess she could learn on the job, but I hope Governor Patterson appoints someone more suited to hit the ground running (maybe AG Andrew Cuomo?)


coreydbarbarian said...

i disagree. when she wrote (co-authored?) "right to privacy" in the early 90's, i felt she had great promise..much more than jfk jr did, in fact. her work in the obama campaign this year must've inspired her. ol' barack seemed duly impressed with her, i might add.

Ceroill said...

csm, seems you're not watching very carefully. You got spammed here. Check out comment #1 above.

csm said...

I have deleted the spam comment, Bob. (To anyone looking at it now, Bob was NOT implying that Corey's comment was spam, the old first comment is just gone.)

csm said...

Here is an interesting article voicing an opinion that agrees with mine on Caroline Kennedy as an Senate appointee.

Ceroill said...

Cool, csm. Just thought I should point it out. I'm sure you would have spotted it anyway, though.

csm said...

No problem, Bob! Thanks for pointing it out.

csm said...

To clarify a bit on my Caroline Kennedy position:

If she were to run for political office, I might be able to support her. She doesn't have a ton of "experience" but that is not important as she gets vetted by the election process and then voted on by the voting public.

In this case, the next Senator from New York will be an appointed position. Although there are no extra or special requirements for that situation, IMHO extra care should be taken by a Governor who appoints a Senator without having that person chosen by the electorate. It would at least be prudent to choose someone who has won an election for a public office in the past.

I do realize that the only constitutional criterion though are age and citizenship.

coreydbarbarian said...

your position is reasonable. i just see things a lil bit differently.

when i can't sleep at night, i like to tell myself that way back when, The Founders (tm), in their infinite wisdom and overall awesomeness, created this mechanism of appointment to the senate in order to provide our great nation with an unknown political quantity, an x-factor in a sea of cookie-cutter senate types, something i like to call Wild Card Senators (also tm).

if she does get the seat, it's only for 2 years, then we'll see if the voters like what they've seen.
The Founders (tm) did that on purpose, see. when the regular electoral process yields muck & slime, a little injection of chemical x could be just the thing America (tm) needs.

so be a good patriot and agree with me. it'll help you sleep at night. ;D