Saturday, December 20, 2008


Rebecca Hancock told that Grace Community Church, a non-denominational church in Jacksonville, Fla., was against her relationship with boyfriend Frank Young because the two were sexually active but not married.

When she wasn’t willing to obey the church's orders to leave him, she decided to leave the church instead, allowing her two children to remain active members.

Now, she says, church elders have given her the worst ultimatum yet: In a Dec. 8 letter, they told her she either has to meet with them and end her "immoral" relationship or she will face public humiliation.

Just when I think there is not enough stupid to go around, a story like this raises its ugly head. First of all, this church is fucked. Who would want to be a member of a church like this? Unfortunately, I think, the answer is a lot of people. If the clergy at that church "believe" her relationship to be harmful then they should be trying to help her, not threatening to publicly humiliate her.

If the church is truly trying to carry out the word of its god, then they should schedule a public stoning of this woman because that is the biblical punishment for adultery.

Then there is this woman who, worried about public exposure, takes her case to the press. If her little fucktard offspring hadn't known that Mommy was fucking her boyfriend they sure do now. If she was interested in publicly flogging this church, better to have waited until after they "outed" her (or invite a journalist to the outing).

Stupid just oozes outta every pore of this story.


coreydbarbarian said...

i agree wit ya on da stoo-pid. if it were me, i'd drag the church to court and let the affable and photogenic lawyer-type do the talking.

but, as an observer, i'm struck by the arrogance of this church - she even wrote them an official "i'm not a member" letter and everything.

friggin wackos. or wiggin tacos.
take your pick. ;)

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Ceroill said...

Hey, aren't 'non denomenational' churches supposed to be more 'inclusive' and whatnot than the more 'orthodox' factions?

Anonymous said...

Someone should kidnap this disgusting pastor and cut his fucking dick & balls off! Who the fuck does he think he is????


In today's day and age, the majority of peoples in this great nation wouldn't even bat an eyelash over this particular "sin". And there would be many churches who would love to take her and her menagerie into their flock with knowledge of this "heathenous" relationship.

This goes back to my posts on gay marriage. If the state governments just looked to civil unions for all it's citizens and left marriage to the churches(it is a religious-based rite anyway), gays would always have a way to get married before God(sorry, csm)because there will always be gay-oriented churches and others which could care less. Hey, in this even the Baptists "should" be happy.

This woman should look for a church which would have her with open arms and refer to her previous place of worship as "those morons". If they(the church)continues it's attack, she should sue them. And how great would that be if the previous congregation had to use some of those collections to pay for her evil lifestyle?

Karma is a fun phenomenon, corey.

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