Sunday, April 12, 2009

Richard Dawkins jars creationists nicely.




I have also noticed a lack of action on this space and I am wondering are you not well, just too busy with the important things in life or maybe you are harboring some of the same reservations about our current political situation that I have and don't want to admit it?

Et tu, corey?

G said...

I hope he's just busy rather than allowing this blog to die.

Meanwhile, since nobody seems to care what Richard Dawkins has to say, here's some interesting reading that might stir up a little debate:

The Orange Grove: Why 'fascist' label fits Obama


Interesting article, g. This kind of goes along with some of my thinking of late. Something I don't hear anyone talking about(and maybe this is because I don't listen to a lot of the mainstream right media, I just can't stomach most of their tripe)is the fact that most states, by taking the stimulus money, are now beholden to Washington. And I don't think it would be too far-fetched to extrapolate this to the analogy of an addict. The feds have been doing this for a long time, I realize, but I am beginning to believe the barbed end of the hook has now been lodged in the gills if you know what I mean.

I have been saying for a long time now; this is just a big powergrab by Washington and I think this might be one of the last cogs to mesh with the "Big Plan". Call me paranoid(I am sure some think it), but a paranoiac isn't always wrong.

I always wondered why Progressives didn't like federalism. They were so anti- global corporation, but there isn't a better form of government to combat huge global corporations THAN federalism. Big corps want standardization and conformity and what better way to achieve this than to have one black hole where all the money and power goes. Beats the shit outta me, of course, unless I am right. But what a pyrrhic victory, eh?

G said...

I guess this is what happens when even something as important as the election of our govt representatives becomes little more than a political version of "American Idol", with a little vote-buying along the way.


At least with American Idol there are four judges; our political system only has two, Republicans and Democrats.

csm said...

Hey guys (and gals?).

I am around but the "things" of life (and death) have overtaken me lately. My mother-in-law passed away after a bout with cancer and we had to travel to be with family. I've also had to travel a lot lately with my job and just haven't had time to devote to the blog. Sorry... I haven't abandoned it!

And Bawdy, no, I haven't come to the same conclusion as you have. I do not like some of the things Obama is doing (Afghanistan, condoning some of the non-Constitutional things the former administration started, etc.) But I still hold out much more hope for the actions of Obama and crew. And it would take a SHITLOAD of wrong moves to convince me that Obama could ever be worse than Bush was, or McCain would have been.

By the way, our systems has many more judges than 4, starting with the 9 SCOTUS members.

Ceroill said...

csm- first, let me express my condolences and sympathies for your and your family's loss.
Second, good to hear from you, and I happen to agree with you about Obama. It's only been a hundred days, I'm willing to still give him the benefit of the doubt for a while.

csm said...

That is, of course, the prudent path, Bob.

Instead, the right wing lunatics attack him for giving the queen of England the wrong gift -or- for being a fascist -or- for making our nation a socialist state.

I am actually kinda enjoying the right wing stupidity. They are only marginalizing themselves into not winning another election for quite some time unless they change and come up with something more than just poo-flinging.

Ceroill said...

Hey, CSM, if you want some fun, go to Salon and read their new column, "Ask the Wingnut" (something like that, it has Wingnut in the name), in which an anonymous conservative tries to explain how a conservative's mind works and why they think certain things. The real fun is the comments....

G said...

If you believe that the major concerns of conservatives are the stupid gifts and faux pas, then it appears you aren't really reading or listening to the actual arguments of conservatives.

People are upset about the complete fiscal irresponsibility, the dramatically increasing government control of private industry, and the dangerous direction of national security issues.

I WAS willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. And once he and congress started implementing policies according to their vision for this country, the grace period was over. I can only wonder what will be left of the foundations of this country after four years.



Please accept my sincere offer of sympathy for your loss. I was away myself for a few days, and only now had time to offer my condolences.

By judges I was not speaking of judicial judges, I was speaking of political judges. If you aren't a Republican or a Democrat and you can't jump through their hoops(this is the judging part), then you cannot play. I guess it also helps if you aren't an atheist, too.

The exact problem I have with Obama is that he isn't changing the modus operandi of the federal government(which was started long before Obama was elected, I admit), but I have to say, I wasn't that optimistic as it didn't take 20/20 vision to see the smart money was on Obama enlarging the federal government. So nothing has surprised me so far, it just saddens me. I believe we are heading in the exact opposite way I would have liked to have seen. But I am not surprised.

I also find it the heighth of hypocrisy to bemoan the shit conservatives smeared all over liberals but applaud the shit being smeared onto these same conservatives by these same liberals. I gotta believe this has something to do with power and human nature, but it ain't pretty, especially when both sides deserve the shit being smeared in the same exact measure. They are both the problem.

Until this country renews it's love affair with personal freedom endorsed by the Constitution, both sides will be outside looking in and on the wrong path. So feel free and call me a wingnut; my skin is thicker than that.

I didn't think you had gone to the other side, csm, I used the ruse to call you out, hoping you were just busy and not what you were really busy with(family death).

Ceroill said...

Bawdy, unfortunately, I think that the political machine in this country is such that even if you go into it as an idealistic person intending with all your heart to do good things and make changes for the better, it chews you up and spits you out.
Unless you're adept at playing the power games and surfing public opinion, before long you'll either become a disillusioned cynical user yourself, or you'll get stomped on and ground into the dust.
I've always suspected the latter is what happened with Carter. I honestly think he went into the office thinking he could do good with it. Unfortunately for him he wasn't up for the Washington games, and since he either wouldn't or didn't know how to play the games, nothing he wanted to happen got done. Basically I think he got in way over his head.
Ok, enough rambling. I'll sit down now.

csm said...

The thing that is most interesting to me is that Obama is mostly doing exactly what he said he'd be doing during the campaign... and MOST PEOPLE are not against him doing it.

Yes, there is always room for sincere opposition. I see no conservative response other than attempts to drag Obama (and his plans/actions) through the mud. How about a reasoned, detailed plan from the Republicans for combating the economic downturn? There isn't one. All there is is "We don't like what is happening!" Well, too fucking bad. Come up with a better approach and maybe people will listen. Hell, you Republican fucks were TOTALLY in charge for 6 years and didn't do anything to stop it from happening, so maybe a different approach is needed... even if you don't like it!

If there are liberals shitting on conservatives just because they are conservative, then I am against that, of course. There is some element of this on MSNBC. But I just don't see the "with us or against us" mentality espoused by the thugs who were in the White House the past 8 years.