Saturday, April 25, 2009

WWJP - Who Wants a Jesus Puppet?

Came across this on the web and thought it was amusing. You, too, can own your own "big-mouth professional puppet" that is "30 inches tall with legs attached and approximately 19 inches with legs removed."

Why you might want to remove Jesus' legs is beyond me, but hey, I am definitely not their target audience.

Reading further, I learned that "(a)ll clothes are completely removable and interchangeable." Now we're getting somewhere. Jesus in a tutu? Wearing a kilt? Galoshes and a yellow Gorton's fisherman slicker? Now any of those sound like a lot more fun than merely removing his legs, doncha think?

But don't rush over there to buy one... unfortunately, it looks like Jesus sold out.

1 comment:

Ceroill said...

ROTFL!! I love it! I have a small purple plush Cthulhu on my shelf.