Monday, August 3, 2009

More Taxpayers Footing the Bill for Religious Propoganda

High school cheerleaders with short-shorts and ribboned hair took the coliseum's stage and chanted, "Stop, don't touch me there, this is my no, no square," while drawing boxes in the air in front of their va (clap) jay (clap) jays. The crowd of thousands of teenagers erupted with giddy applause at the sight of the girls' bouncy tendrils and playful gesticulation. Preachers led the crowd in prayer, speakers reviewed the Bible and the Ten Commandments, performers danced to Christian gospel music and Jesus' name was repeatedly invoked -- all as a means of convincing teens that there is no option but to save sex for marriage. Now try to guess who paid for this purity pep rally.

Taxpayers! Talk about a "no, no square" -- isn't there supposed to be a chastity belt separating the church and state in this country?

ACLU to the rescue (again, they are heroic defenders of civil liberties): The ACLU said the event featured religious speakers and misinformation about contraception. The ACLU said the Department of Human Services crossed the line of separating church and state with the number of religious speakers and faith-based groups who performed at the summit. The ACLU has filed a complaint with DHS but has yet to get a response.



Anybody who refers to their vagina as a "no,no square" should never be allowed to have sexual relations, ever.

Disclaimer: For those who take things so very literal, the above is a joke. It would be against my libertarian view to not allow anyone to breed with anyone else with the consent of both.

G said...

While I understand the argument against this kind of thing on constitutional grounds (I disagree, but understand), it amazes me that the issue you bring into it is the "taxpayers footing the bill" for whatever enormous sum it cost (maybe a couple thousand dollars max). But I don't recall ever hearing a peep in opposition to the TRILLIONS the govt is giving out at the taxpayers' expense... and the trillions more they are hoping to grab for more programs like govt health insurance.

Lou said...

Here Here!

Like all the czars BHO adds to the tax payer bill, the high dollar medical and retirement benefits enjoyed by politicians why they attempt to shove cheap, poor quality helthcare down our throat.

I'll pay for this religious drama in uncy obama promises to quit bailing out the people who supported his election. Trillion vs thousands...concentrate on the real problem. But like Washington, csm likes to show you the empty hand while palming the quarter.

Wouldn't it be grand if the ACLU took on stimulus, omnibus czars and nationalized healthcare? Oh wait, demmy in the house - my bad!


I for one like fairness, as a general rule(even though life ain't fair), so I would like to insert into this little corner of the Internet that the Republicans have not cornered the market for corruption and I use William Jefferson as my example, the latest federal convict. Because I hold both parties with the same contempt, I feel I can, without conflict, relay this message with the venom it deserves.

csm said...

Well, G, perhaps if you had specific examples we could intelligently discuss them. As it is, general complaining about government spending goes in one of my ears and comes flying out the other.

And Lou, your bizarre czar obsession bemuses me. And if you were paying for the religious drama, then I'd have no problem with it (other than its general offense to my brain cells).

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csm said...

Upon further reflection on this particular posting I have been wondering if a sufficiently potent "Yes, Yes, Rod" could overpower a "No, No, Square"???

Cowcharge said...

I am so sick of people calling vaginas vajayjays I'm about to vomit. The word is VAGINA. Say it! VAGINA.

Cheerleaders are such teases, with their short shorts and no nos.

"I have been wondering if a sufficiently potent "Yes, Yes, Rod" could overpower a "No, No, Square"???"

Using rape as a weapon against a religion, now that's a new one for me. Wait, no it isn't, sorry, forgot about Iran, Iraq, The Third Reich...

csm said...

Hadn't meant the "yes, yes, rod" to imply "rape" but I can see how that intent could be implied... I was merely being silly.