Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Obama's Fault I Smacked That Bitch

A conservative talk show host says President Barack Obama is "partly" to blame for a rise in domestic violence because of the deteriorating job situation over the past year -- and because the president has criticized Las Vegas.

In discussion on Fox News about Sen. Harry Reid's comment Monday linking unemployment to growing domestic abuse, James Harris told host Gretchen Carlson:

"If this is all about jobs, we have this massive job loss and ... we have domestic violence problems in Nevada, what we need to do is lay this right at the feet of Obama, who in the last year twice slammed Nevada, slammed Las Vegas, so we can say that this is partly Obama's fault for causing so much job loss in Nevada."

Yes, yes, yes... and while we're at it let's blame the president for the snow in the Northeast, the Colts losing the Super Bowl, and the pimple on your ass.

There will be NO bi-partisan politics as long as the Republicans are out of power and the right wing fringe continue to be lunatics.



I agree with you csm, but it is only because I believe the President has less influence over our huge economy than many like to tell us. In good times and bad, the President only has an incidental effect. The whole federal government, now that is another kettle of fish. And that fish is starting to give off a foul odor; I wouldn't eat it in other words.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Egad man, I saw the interview personally. The brother was being facetious! Big O is really bringing the nation together. csm you are a desperate man.

Reminiscent of how Bush got blamed for JFK and weather patterns. Big O did pick the Colts :).

The-Fire-Olympus said...

Obama is teh Devil. He is turning our country into commies!!11!

On the serious side next the condervatives are going to blame him for their kids cavities.

The sad part is by international standards Obama is a CONSERVATIVE

csm said...

I don't recall GWB getting blamed for weather patterns, Mike... there was so much to actually blame him for that it was never necessary to manufacture things...