Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Went to a Tea Party...

...the sign I'd carry would say "I'm tired of funding wars I do not support."

I wonder how many of the tea baggers would agree with my sign?


John Galt said... many Coffee Enemas that would agree with a sign that said "I'm tired of funding entitlements that I do not support for those that do not produce."


Alot of the Tea Partyers don't have good things to say about Republicans either so the answer to your question may surprise you, csm.

The problem I have with Tea Partyers has more to do with their immigration and gay marriage stance.This country was founded for the liberty of all.

G said...

I would imagine they would be rather hesitant to accept anyone who starts off by calling them tea baggers.


Yeah, that might be a problem.

csm said...

The biggest problem I have with the tea baggers is their collective lack of intelligence (for the most part [caveat added for Bawdy who seems to always add that not ALL of them are that way]).

Taxes have decreased for most since Obama took office. Yet a poll of tea baggers shows that 88% of them don't know that. Kind of odd when they claim to be named after a tax revolution.

Then there is the racism. Not surprising since they are mostly old, angry white people.

And then, too, there's the data that suggests disproportionately more tea baggers believe stupid shit than the general public.

John Galt said...

Well, if it's all about the name then we had best throw the Democratic Party in that pile..what do they have to do with Democracy these days? Republican Party too...they are not really promoting a republic as the best form of government.

It appears to me that the tea party is not specifically about taxes but more about the fact that government is the problem and not the solution.

When it comes to taxes just because the majority had a decrease this year does not mean that taxes have not been raised and will not continue to rise to support the quadrupled deficit. If taxes (rates and new taxes) are not on the rise why did it take Mr. Hopey-Changey 17 minutes to not answer a direct question regarding increased taxes due to the health insurance reform bill?

Blah Blah Blah.

The answer should have been. Your taxes haven't gone up and aren't going to. But apparently that is not the case or the answer. always..there are two sides to every there is with the race issue. How about not pulling a Fox News here and actually show both sides:


And if you want to talk about believing stupid shit how about our 'genius' president that doesn't believe missle defense systems are effective even though all of the tests show that they are..including the most recent one..oooh..that darn math and physics..they are so darn confusing! Guess it is rocket science to 'the genius'.

csm said...

Well, John, the same tea bagging idiots who "think that government" is not the answer are predominantly in favor of social security and medicare. The whole tea party movement is AFU.

And your statement that you believe taxes went up rests on the inability of one person to give an satisfactory answer to a question? Bah!

John Galt said...

I have to agree that Tea Party supporters should not be in favor of Medicare or Social Security. The fact that they are is a good indication of how effective the social engineering and government dependency programs of the last 50-60 years have actually been. In addition I would say at least those fools are not in any position of power. It is the ones in position to do damage yet still believe stupid shit that concern me and should concern us all. Top of the list is the mental midget that is Speaker of the House. That a moron who believes that natural gas is not a fossil fuel is 3rd in line to 'the throne' should frighten a reasonable person more than the tea party.

Most of this anti-tea party 'hate seeking' can be tracked back to twisted groups such as The Southern Poverty Law Center whose chicken little sky is falling shouts have been aimed at everything from skin heads to the election of Bill Clinton.

Wow! One person? That is not one person that is THE person. That is a bold statement even for a rampant Obama apologist.

csm said...

I think it'd be fun to have President Pelosi. Boy, oh, boy would the right wingers froth at the mouth. I'd grin and watch the panic ensue!

John Galt said...

Don't think I want to see another moron in the White House. We had 8yrs of that and it wasn't very funny.

csm said...

Equating Nancy Pelosi to GWB is a far stretch, John. She'd probably be too far left for the country to be an effective president, but she is no moron in the GWB mold.


Hopefully they broke that fuckin' mold.

John Galt said...

She's not far off. Left or right doesn't matter..stupid is stupid.

It would be a pointless effort to go through all of her moments of moronitude...500 million Americans lose their jobs each month? There are only 300 million of us! Yeah...I know... mistatement. No..misinformed idiot.

Her stupidity comes from her lack of ever having held any position outside of politics