Monday, September 29, 2008

Truth Fights Back

Nice new web site Truth Fights Back tracks the Republican deceit, smears and lies and offers up the truth... for those who can handle the truth.


G said...

... or you can do what most people do, and go to (which points out the lies & deceit from BOTH sides)... for those who aren't afraid to admit that Obama pulls the same garbage.


I am with you g, truth activists(their term) should be non-partisan because truth is non-partisan.

Anony Mouse said... is also a good one if you don't mind seeing nonpartisan truth.
That is where I verified that Bush for all of his countless mistakes did indeed in 2003 attempt to clean up Fannie & Freddie.

"the Bush administration introduced the plan and it was well recieved by Fannie Mae and its leading rivals. It was criticized by the Democrats in Congress and National Association of Home Builders who feared "that tighter regulation of the companies could sharply reduce their commitment to financing low-income and affordable housing."

Deregulation knows no party.

coreydbarbarian said...

i wholeheartedly support fact-checking sites, period. so far in this thread, i've learned of two new ones, which i will be perusing soon. thanks for sharing, all.

g, i only want to point out that i've heard mccain's folks (even karl rove himself) deriding factcheck as a partisan outfit when their "facts" don't square with the research. that, and the fact that i personally think mccain colors outside the lines about 3 times as often as obama.

but yes, obama has pulled the same garbage, i admit.

mouse, i understand that the democrats have been less than perfect on deregulation, but try to remember reagan's mantra: government is the problem. that attitude is the root of problem.

imo, of course.

csm said...

Yes, all politicians mislead, even Barack Obama.

The Republicans, however, have taken it to an art form.

I like - it is not a new site. I pointed out the new site because it is new, and is a worthwhile, albeit partisan site. Was anyone shocked that I liked a partisan site? If so, you haven't been paying attention.


Csm, you cad, you have bismirched art. I don't know if I can ever forgive you.

csm said...

I never even met Art? Who is he?


coreydbarbarian said...

if memory serves, art was paul's dance partner on 'dancing w/ the stars'. or maybe it was on 'america's got talent'... ;)

more seriously, there is something else to this. while all 3 campaigning senators take artistic license with the facts, the campaigning governor seems adept at the non-answer. have any of you noticed this?

in both the gibson and the couric interviews, sarah palin has demonstrated a pronounced propensity for dancing around a question w/o ever really trying to answer. both interviewers repeated several of their queries two or three times, with no luck.

sometimes this seems to work in her favor, other times it definitely doesn't. i'm pretty stoked about tomorrow night's vp debate, but i have to wonder how her non-answers will play. i'm sure she'll go on the offense for as long as she can, attacking biden on every issue possible.

but will gwen ifill be able to get an actual answer out of her? after reviewing the 2006 governors debates from alaska, i'm thinking "prolly not."


Yeah, I am really torn; watch the potentially very entertaining debate between the No. 2's or watch my Dodgers vs. Cubs Game 2. I'll probably play it by ear.

csm said...

I've sorta given up on attacking Palin because she is so out of her league. Every word out of her mouth is saddening and comical. When Saturday Night Live can use her actual words to get laughs, you know she is just an absurdity.

It will be interesting to see how Biden plays it. It might be in his best interest to just ignore her completely and answer the questions put to him.