Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Bingo

This looks like a fun game... I guess she is so predictable in what will spew out of her mouth that somebody has created Palin Bingo cards.

I watched the debate on Thursday night and Sarah Palin did not crash and burn like many thought she would. The expectations were so low that she'd have had to come out and take a shit on stage to do worse than the expectations.

That said, she didn't answer many of the questions posed to her... and to me, at least, that means she lost. Of course, Biden didn't set the stage on fire, but he did reasonably try to answer the questions that were asked of him.


csm said...

Most say Palin unqualified to be VP after watching debate.

Ceroill said...

I couldn't stand to watch more than the first half hour of the debate. It seemed all to break down to "Your guy is a liar, mine is a good guy!" "Is not, mine's the good guy, yours is the liar!"

csm said...

I watched the entire thing and it seemed to me that Biden answered the questions and Palin spouted talking points, many times avoiding any type of answer at all. For McSame, he must be pleased that at least Palin didn't pull another Katie Couric performance. And Biden did no harm, and had the best line of the night when he attacked McSame's "maverick" claims.

Bottom line, I doubt that this debate will linger long in anyone's memory.

csm said...

For those who didn't see the Katie Couric interviews of Palin.


At least I had the Dodger game to switch to, and they won again! My opinion on the debate...blather, blather, blather from both sides. Biden may have answered the questions, csm, but the answer's almost brought up the really, really good pizza I wanted to keep down.

csm said...

Well, I guess reasonable folks can disagree, Bawdy.

Good luck to your Dodgers. Kinda hope Tampa wins it all, tho.