Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Does Experience Equate to Presidential Greatness?

I thought it would be interesting to bring an article to everyone's attention that examines the experience of the US presidents against their historical "greatness" at executing the job of president.

This scatter graph from the article linked above is quite interesting:

The bottom line of the article is this: "There does not appear to be any relation between experience and greatness."


Ceroill said...

Interesting. Can't say I'm surprised, though.

Anonymous said...

So Palin is ready.
Clinton #21 & W #22. Clinton must have been one sorry prez after all. Carter & Nixon should be lower. S

csm said...

The ratings are rather subjective... but I thought the overall topic was interesting.

And no, Palin is not ready... unless my dog is also ready. He answers questions just about as completely as Caribou Barbie.


Hey, csm, I realize there isn't much time, but could you get your dog on the Libertarian ticket? I think we are ready for a dog as President; sure couldn't be as bad as the ass we have now.

csm said...

My dog would not lower himself to such a level as to become a politician... I mean, c'mon, any English Springer Spaniel worth a damn would not run for office... My dawg has gotta keep his dignity!