Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama Gaining Ground in Polls

Barack Obama continues to lead in all the national (tracking) polls. The average of all the national polls yesterday (Oct 20) put his lead at 6.3%. Here are the data:

- Diageo (Obama +7)
- Gallup expanded (Obama +7)
- IBD (Obama +5)
- Rasmussen (Obama +6)
- Research 2000 (Obama +7)
- Zogby (Obama +6)

Furthermore, and more importantly, this election could easily be an electoral vote landslide for Obama. The latest state-by-state polls put things as follows:

- Obama 364
- McCain 171
- Ties 3

Another interesting tally is the number of newspapers that have endorsed Obama. Although this probably has little to no effect on the election, 105 have endorsed Obama, to only 33 endorsing McCain. And the complete list of papers is telling, too. McCain's major endorsements have largely come from papers such as the San Francisco Examiner, the New York Post, the Columbus Dispatch, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, all Republican-oriented rags, every one of which also endorsed GWB in 2004.

It would seem that something rather astounding would have to happen for McSame to pull this one out. Something like cheating (rigged voting machines, voters removed from the registration rolls, etc.) or racism (people saying one thing and voting another way because they just can't vote for a black man) maybe?



Since Obama is on the verge of becoming the President, I have been trying to acclimate myself to the situation, a Democrat in the Big Office. Add to this stew a Democratic Congress, and I will have to hone my sharp tongue upon a newer victim. Bush became shooting fish in a barrel; it should be very interesting and fresh. Are we still circling the drain? Sure, it is just a differnet pool.

csm said...

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as opened up a 10-point lead over Republican opponent John McCain two weeks before the November 4 U.S. election, according to Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on Tuesday.

And Bawdy, it sounds like you are pre-judging the situation. Perhaps history is a barometer, but one is always better served to judge based upon what actually happens... and Obama has not yet won anything.

G said...

Polls and Pols
by Thomas Sowell


I am just getting myself prepared, csm. My personal platform is no secret and Obama's platform doesn't jive with mine to any great degree. Besides the the traditional leaning towards loosening the binds on individual civil rights, which gets negated by the need for social engineering and the need to tell people how to live a "better life", there is little overlap.

Don't worry, my friend, I will wait until the meat is on my plate before I belch out my "blasphemies"; I am just sharpening my knives.

csm said...

And it won't surprise me if I agree with some (perhaps many) of your exclamations. But I am sure I will be happier with an Obama presidency than I would with a McSame presidency.