Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama-Biden Tax Cut Calculator

Barack Obama will cut taxes for 95 percent of working families, and provide at least three times as much tax relief for middle class families as John McCain. The Obama/Biden plan provides $1,000 of tax relief for workers and new tax benefits to help families pay for college, childcare and save for retirement.

Click here to calculate your tax cut under the Obama/Biden plan.


Thomas said...
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csm said...

I removed the comment above because it is from an e-mail circulating around that has been attributed to Thomas Sowell, but evidently, not actually written by Thomas Sowell.


I am going to try this one more time(I had problems last week trying to post this).

All this talk of tax cuts is nothing but pandering. How can we give tax cuts to anybody considering the debt we already owe, the fucking bailout, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, supporting the rest of the military, trillions in entitlement liabilities and ... and all the new programs both candidates have proposed during this campaign. They are either relying on our stupidity, a victim of their own stupidity or lying. You pick it.

Ceroill said...

It's the oldest tactic in the politician's repertoire- tell the voters what they want to hear. Sounds good to get elected with, but can then simply be dropped, with some handy excuse.


It may be the oldest tactic Bob, and I agree with you, so to answer my own question, it is probably our own stupidity. We just can't get our fill of the slop they feed us and the narcotic nightcap to chase it down.

csm said...

The last candidate to try to honestly address taxes was Walter Mondale -- and look at what happened to him!


Who's Mondale?;)

As an aside, my Word Verification this time is an acutal word - curate. Interesting. I guess it was bound to happen.

TJ said...


Obama Plan = $1000
McCain Plan = $967

But, after reading the Obama plan I find I can only get this savings if I do not itemize. Being a home owner I naturally do.

Obama Plan = 0

Continuing on, I will lose my tax credits as he repeals the Bush tax cuts.

Obama's plan = -3600

He makes it sound so pleasing on the campaign trail.