Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin's Teen Daughter: Pregnant, Single, Not Married

In yet another surprising development in the Republican presidential campaign, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin confirmed in a statement Monday that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol is five months pregnant.

This is interesting for several reasons:

First, Palin is a conservative Christian who denounces such actions, yet could not instill the same "values" in her own child.

Second, it really boggles the imagination to "believe" that the McCain team thoroughly vetted this woman. I mean, c'mon. Pregnant unmarried daughter, under investigation for abuse of office, only 20 months of "experience" as governor.

Third, if they did vet her, and then decided that she was the most qualified person to be picked for Veep, then that speaks volumes about McCain's ability to make the tough decisions... it says he can't.


Anony Mouse said...

Here is how much the 17 year old daughter matters - zero. NoBama said it best and he is the man for the loony left out there. Its called a mistake and we all have had them. Many mothers are 17 and unmarried (including Obama’s). I smell much fear when the partisans must search this hard. She parallels Teddy in so many ways and I believe the corrupt politicians fear her most. Look it up. Besides, she has never hung out with domestic terrorist or had a spiritual advisor who is a bigot. From what I have read I think the pro-choicers out there hate her because she made the wrong choice in their eyes. Its all so ridiculous.

csm said...

I truly hope the "pro-choicers out there" very vocally proclaim how anti-choice Palin is. The majority of Americans want abortion to remain legal, and a ticket that includes such a radical opinion as Palin holds on abortion should be easy to defeat.

Of course, the anti-choice people vote more on that one issue than the pro-choice people do.

After adding that to the discussion, that the 17 year old daughter made a mistake and she is to be commended for deciding to keep the child.

However, my original post stands, "loony left" though it may be. Palin raised a daughter who did not conform to her ideology. I find that relevant.

coreydbarbarian said...

i find it quite interesting that sarah palin would accept the offer of veep, knowing fully well that her daughter would become the international poster child of unwed, underaged mothers. sounds like poor family values there.

i also find it interesting that palin got into this whole mess by flying 8 hours or so back to her podunk hospital (illegal, btw) to have trig. sounds like another example of poor judgement to me.

while we're at it, i find it quite curious that sarah names her children ridiculous names. another example of judgement.

everyday, the press digs up 5 new nuggets on palin. gotta love the show. she reminds me less of teddy and more of eagleton or quayle.

csm said...

I think the bottom line on Palin, if she hangs on, is that having her on the ticket will get the Republican, right wing base behind the ticket... while at the same time alienating independents and moderates. And as such, she will be the nail in the coffin for McSame's presidential bid.

Anony Mouse said...

Actually, Palin is scoring high with the I's. The I's are looking at her record against corruption, the status quo and her executive experience. Biden and Barrack neither one have any. The only ones concerned with her daughter is the media and needless to say bloggers. And you think I was rough on you Corey?

csm said...

Palin cut funding in her state for programs that help teen moms gain skills and resources needed after pregnancy. Not every teen mom has a governor mother and boy to marry. Shouldn't Palin support programs that help young mothers- not penalize them?

csm said...

Palin's anti-choice stance will be one of her biggest undoings with the Independents.

coreydbarbarian said...

here are 3 links for your enjoyment.
john stewart
bill maher
funny or die

csm said...

I love Jon Stewart - he exposes hypocrisy better than anyone else. I just wish more people paid attention to his shows where he uses the words of these right wing jackasses against them.

And, oh yes, Dick Morris is a "lying sack of shit" made me laugh out loud.


No the 17 year old daughter doesn't matter that much. The seven houses don't matter that much. The war hero stories don't matter that much. What matters a whole bunch is the nasty brand of nationalism coming out of the Rep candidates mouths of late. Country First, my ass! There is no such shit in the Constitution or the fucking Bible!

How many examples of why nationalism is generally a bad thing do we need? Russia playing hardball. Mexico's potential financial implosion. Hugo Chavez and his traveling socialist circus. Iranian attempts to become a regional hegemon. And these are current situations, we can always bring up the past.

Our country is based on the individual and the freedoms granted in the Constitution, not the idea of Country First! Either way this country goes, Red or Blue, the federal government will swallow more and more power and money and the losers will be you and I.

G said...

re: The fallacy of the "cut spending for pregnant teens" argument (see csm's 9/3 10:28pm comment)

For those interested:

Sarah Palin, Slasher

csm said...

After reading your link G, it is still the truth to say that Sarah Palin cut funding for pregnant teens. The article discusses how and why and such, but it does not dispute that she cut the amount!

csm said...

http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/09/02/palin_slashed_funding_to_help.html">Here is the Washington Post article that is supposedly unclear. It is clear as a bell, actually.

csm said...

"Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents," Sarah Palin, 44, and her husband, Todd, said in a statement issued by the McCain campaign.

This, too, should be come problematic for her. It is all wonderful to support your daughter - kudos on doing that to Palin. On the other hand, she is aksing everyone to respect her daughter's "decision" while at the same time espousing removing the ability to decide from everyone else. How two-faced! How hypocritical! Yes, yes, respect my daughter for "choosing" to keep the baby, but the rest of you fuckers, hey, I'm gonna change things so just shut up and do what I say!

G said...

If one looks at economics from a DC mindset, then I agree with you. We hear their magical accounting all the time... "We cut spending" = "We were going to raise spending by 5 million, but decided to only do 3.9 million, so aren't we financially responsible?" It's sort of like coming home one day and saying, "Honey, I saved us $1000 today. When I bought this new car, I decided to go without the sunroof."

To most people, "cut funding" means that the funding they were already receiving was reduced. And in any case, I would call it fiscally responsible. I don't think it's the government's responsibility to make up for people's bad decisions.

csm said...

Not to Republicans, G, who claim that Obama is going to RAISE taxes because he is not in favor of extending Bush's ill-advised cuts that are due to expire.

The left has just started to use the tactics of the right back on them and the right doesn't like it.