Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republicans Laugh at and Attack Community Organizers

Did you watch Sarah Palin's awful speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday? Oh, she proved she could deliver a speech, but not a message. All she did was attack... and lie a lot.

When she used part of the most important speech of her life to crow about firing her chef, all I could think was "I sure hope that chef has found another job!" I guess I just can't bring myself to think like a Republican. (And that's a good thing!)

She also mocked community organizers. With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing. I wonder if Palin has a clue what she did when she did that? I wonder if the clueless, rabid, right wing masses in attendance knew what they were laughing at when they chortled at her mockery?

What do I mean? Well, here are three very famous community organizers - at least one of which many of those obnoxious laughing fools claim to worship... hmmmm...


csm said...

An interesting article on Sarah Palin

G said...

For those interested, a view from the other side of the debate:

Why Obama's "Community Organizer" Days Are a Joke

coreydbarbarian said...

nothing personal g, but michelle malkin is one of the least reputable voices in the political spectrum. relying on her word is like asking ann coulter to be a character witness for barack obama.

regardless of malkin, imo, this column had less substance than mccain's acceptance speech.

bottom line for me: obama could have taken any high-falootin' law firm job that he wanted, but he didn't. he worked for change at a community level.

G said...

Personally, I couldn't care less about the whole "community organizer" thing. The reaction is amusing, of course... How DARE they mock community organizers!!!

The left seems to be going to great lengths to manufacture a horribly offensive image of Sarah Palin. Stretching the truth, flat out lies, uproar over the most minor issues, etc.

This election season has already brought both sides to a new level of mindlessness.

The main point in the reference to that article was that they weren't mocking "community organizers" in general, but mocking Obama... which one would expect from a convention speech.

csm said...

Twist and turn things however it pleases your Republican mind, G. I watched the Republican convention and it turned my stomach as I watched them belittle community service and attack their opponents instead of promote their ideas (what ideas?) Giuliani in particular was rather odious.

G said...

I'm not a Republican. I've mentioned that fact more than once.

So, did it turn your stomach to see the Dems attacking their opponents? I imagine it didn't.

As for Giuliani, I don't really understand why he was given the podium. It seems that Republicans are a lot less fond of him than people think. He poured all that money into the primaries and had almost no support from the voters.

coreydbarbarian said...

g. i'm thinking you should change your blogging name to "g the conservative". it has a nice ring to it. :)

with regards to democrats "attacking" republicans, i'm not sure we watched the same democratic convention. i saw attacks on policy, yes. but personal attacks? not so much. and definitely not like palin, thompson or giuliani's speeches. i'm thinking vitriol when i recall those 3 speeches.

and before you say it's just me, let me just say that my mother and her parents, all life-long republicans before 2008, made the same points in conversations this week.

regarding giuliani specifically, i am inclined to believe they gave him a slot because he had played the part of the "good" surrogate ever since he dropped out of the primaries.

now that i type that out, i suddenly wonder why thompson got a slot. must be his performance skills, 'cause it sure wasn't the weight of all those voters that supported him.

and since i've got the soapbox at the moment, let me ask: was i the only one offended by the rnc's 9/11 video?

Anonymous said...

Just don't ask me to call myself "Geo-Con."

Maybe the coverage of the conventions is getting mixed together in my mind with the speeches. My memory isn't as sharp as it once was.

I didn't give any attention to the secondary speakers at either convention. I rarely care what politicians have to say with their prepackaged platitudes.

I think Palin did what she needed to do... she bit back after the barrage of "vitriol" she endured for almost a week.

csm said...
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csm said...

You are spot on, Corey. The Republicans did nothing but attack their opponent. And tried to claim Obama's message of change... yes, yes, it is not like there has been a Republican administration for 8 years, so let's all vote Republican to get some "change"... err... wait a minute... did we think this through? No? Oh, well, that has never stopped us before! Let's attack and lie and I'm sure it will work just like it always has...


It just turns my stomach that the big loser in all this is the Constitution.