Friday, September 5, 2008

Stupid Church Sign #2

Ahhhh... Can you smell the sweet, crackling aroma of stupidity?


Ceroill said...

Anecdote time again, fellas. I beg forgiveness in advance.

Once, quite a few years back, one of my brothers was at school in Colorado, and had a little feature on the campus radio station where he portrayed a 'comic' priest of an obscure splinter sect of protestantism. He had a nice long convoluted and very amusing name for it, but I never can remember what it was.
One day he decided to take his show out for 'man in the street' interactions. He would walk up to passersby and ask them questions like, "Tell me, friend, did you know that Jesus Christ was a Jew?"

The punchline of the whole affair is that one fella got quite irate about this idea, denying it with great vehemence and reddening of the face. My brother found that very amusing.

csm said...

Thanks for sharing!

Too bad there was no YouTube back in those days, or he coulda taped these encounters and we could all get a laugh out of them!

Ceroill said...

csm, glad you liked it! Y'know, I get the feeling that guy was of the same sort who don't believe the bible (or its component texts) was written originally in greek or aramaic. "If English is good enough for the Bible, it's good enough for me!", is how I've heard it put.